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Come Fly the Eclipse


The August 21 total solar eclipse that will cross the country will cause a 69% partial eclipse in Los Angles. That is enough to cause creepy dark skies and shadows and confuse some wildlife and clueless humans.


Why not make it a memorable event and fly during the eclipse? Come out to the field between 9:05 am and 11:44am. Maximum is 10:21am.
We won't get another solar eclipse until Oct 2023. Will you be around to see it?Why take the chance??







August 12

National Model Aviation Day


We will have a Fly In / Swap Meet at the field. Yes it will be hot so come early. Bring what you have to sell, and money to buy some treasures. Donations will be accepted towards National Model Aviation Day and the designated charity, the AMA Foundation. 
FOUNDATION MISSION: To advance the organizational goals of the Academy of Model Aeronautics through financial support of its charitable programs"

If you want to donate, send an email to, with your name and the amount you want to donate. We will send you a Paypal invoice.


 MECOA Buys Assets of Fox Manufacturing and
Macs Products


Both companies fell on hard times with the loss of their founders, and downturn in demand for engines. I understand that MECOA (of Irwindale CA) will not manufacture their products (engines and mufflers / pipes) but may have old stock available.



Float Fly July 8 Report

Fortunately a steady breeze held the heat down at the lake, on what was in many areas a record hot day. Many attendees had come a good distance, and enjoyed a mostly successful day of flying. Unfortunately, early on, Scott Popjes misjudged distances and "landed" his beloved Knockabout in a tree on the other side of the lake. A couple of rescue parties managed to retrieve it, actually with repairable damage. There were a number of boat retrievals for stalls and splash downs.  Frank Ross and Jan Coultrap did the heavy lifting to provide a very enjoyable BBQ lunch, always the high point of the event.


A new direction and non-2/4 frequency sign was provided by Josh Dawson, and pilot stations were marked in the grass. A new sign in and wrist band procedure kept things organized. The location as the pavilion east of where we usually are, and provided more shade and better take-off angles being on more of a point than a cove.


Lifeguards were enforcing the no-parking on the grass rule. We have ALWAY advertised this rule on the float fly announcements on the website and in the newsletter, so we should not be surprised that the park is enforcing it. We have our field rules that we enforce and they have theirs.




Robin Gordon Hambley
February 28, 1926 - June 26, 2017

Robin G. Hambley was born in Los Angeles, California February 28th 1926 and passed away on Monday June 26, 2017. He was the owner of Robin's
 Hobby in Glendale California, He started a flying club in Sylmar Ca. where he and friends would fly model aircraft.

He is survived by his brother William
Hambley and his sons Robin L. and William J. Hambley along with his daughter in laws Sofie and Kathy Hambley and his five grand children Victoria, Kristina, Alexander, Danielle and Ryan. He will be missed by all.

A graveside service is scheduled for July 8 2017 at 10am, Forest Lawn
Hollywood Hills. Reception following the Ceremony at 1329 Elm Ave Glendale,
CA 91201. 818-720-5647


FAA Offers Registration Fee Refunds to Hobbyists


To qualify for the refund, owners need to reiterate that their drone is used only for recreation and in accordance with community safety guidelines — of course. If you're ticking those boxes, you can find the rest of the application form here, so send that off and start imagining what you're going to do with that sweet fiver.



Whittier Narrows Field Closed after 4PM Daily

According to the San Gabriel Valley RC League web site, the Whittier Narrows flying field will be closed daily at 4pm until further notice by order of the parks department. No reason was given. Late afternoon flying there is problematic anyway as pilots face the setting sun.


 Maiden Flight for Gary Stevens

Solar Airplane May 29
Video below


"Memorial Day saw the successful maiden flight of the solar airplane. Thin clouds and a 9:30AM flight time precluded a "pure" solar powered flight. Despite this, the model's ability to fly was demonstrated, and instrumentation within the aircraft successfully recorded valuable data that will be used in future flights. I put about 2,500 hours into the analysis, design, testing, and construction of this contraption, so this was a very "Happy Day" for me! "


"This project started about 15 months ago with the idea of building an RC airplane that could sustain flight using only the electricity produced by solar cells in the wing. It will take time and many flights to fine tune this airplane and my piloting skills to see if  it can achieve the ultimate goal.

I want to give special thanks to the members of the Executive Club members of the SFDRCM who allowed me to "break the rules" and conduct the test flight from atop the berm. The extra altitude gave an important measure of safety in getting the plane up to flying speed."


"Thanks also to my "Pit & Launch Crew" and all of the club members that gave me permission to fly alone during this test flight. It was definitely "white knuckle" flying for 300 seconds, but knowing there were no other models in the airspace made it easier!"


 If any of you have photos or videos of the flight I'd like to get copies if possible.

" I started this project 15 months ago. I wanted to see if I could design and build a radio controlled airplane that could sustain flight using only the electricity produced by solar cells in its wings.

The maiden flight of the solar-electric plane will be on Memorial Day (Monday) at the SFDRCM flying field. Cameras are welcome. Hopefully you'll share your photos/videos with me."


Gary with 12 foot wing



Photos by Stacey Kunch


Thanks to ALL THE MEMBERS who showed up
and kept the air full of all kinds of aircraft and talked to our guests. Great show!

A giant thank you to Don Bangle for underwriting the
delicious BBQ LUNCH by Fuddruckers! We are officially spoiled.

Thanks to Danny Levin
for loan of a

PA system.

Although this was not a fund-raiser, we did get about $250 in donations toward the charities we support. Thank you Truly for charming the guests for the donations.


 Gogian fired up an taxied his turboprop PC-21 to the delight of all. It really wanted to fly and I don't think our field would be too small for it. Gogian says he plans a maiden flight
Saturday April 29 at Buttonwillow. Weather prediction is very positive. See video below of the taxi demo.




Gogian Yee to Maiden Turboprop PC-21

UPDATE 4/30: Successful flights April 29!

"I have wonderful news guys! The PC-21 flew like a dream and was a awesome sight to see it fly with the sights, smell and sounds of a turbine to top it off. Once I figured out the throttle response on the second flight she was easy to manage and landed her beautifully. Jared managed to capture 2/3rds of the second flight, so he will post it when its possible and I will send you-all the link. I got my fixed wing turbine waiver application signed, so the next step is to mail it in. YESSSS!!!!!!!????"



Recycle Your Batteries at the Home Depot


All rechargeable batteries contain toxic and recyclable

materials that do not belong in landfills (and legally should not be put in

the trash).


Be a good citizen and recycle your batteries at the Home Depot.

Best Buy has similar bins, and Good Will accepts E-Waste also.

Recycling batteries and cellphones is easy – just bag it, tie it and drop it! You can find the Call2Recycle collection kit at any Home Depot location, where you can place your battery into a provided plastic bag and drop it into our box.


Batteries We Accept: Rechargeable batteries can be found in cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptops, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, remote control toys and other portable electronics. Any rechargeable battery or cellphone that weighs up to 11 lbs. will be accepted.




Watch for updates



Lots of new Swap Shop Ads

If you haven't looked at the Swap Shop lately, check it out. Lots of new ads today - heli, EDF, gas, etc.


GATE UPDATE 05/31/17

The Duarte Road gate has been repaired by the Kiewit Gold Line contractor and the club. The "tank traps" however are back.
We are now observing a "first in opens, last out locks" policy with the Duarte Road gate. This seems to be working well and gives spectators and prospective new members better access to us.



Photo credit: Tom Traeger


Thanks to President Rich Rannis for spearheading the effort to install a gate on the northern entrance to our field. Since Gold Line Extension work began last year, the normal Duarte Road gate has not been locked, leading to increased trespass at our field, including graffiti and car and ATV tracks and burnouts. Hopefully the gate will reduce this significantly. The design of the gate is one side for club use with one club lock, and the larger side for other utility use with the usual multiple locks. Center post is removable when both gate are unlocked. Also thanks to Gary Stevens, Tom Treager and Wayne Brown for financial donations toward the project. And this should qualify for the AMA Field Improvement Fund award program.


Meeting Time & Location Information
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Arcadia Red Cross on Methodist Hospital campus
376 W Huntington Dr
Arcadia , CA 91007  map it
7:30 Second Wednesday each month


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