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Happy Holidays 

 Passing of Long Time Member


Long time member Barry McLean has passed away after a long period of health problems. He attended our last Float Fly and enjoyed seeing one of his planes fly. Barry was a warplane enthusiast and skilled builder. He showed may of his planes at club meetings and usually had much to say about the quality of the kit and the many modifications he usually made. "Unlimited vertical" was a running joke for all his planes.


He was an honored veteran, and was honored by South Korea for action at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir as one of the "Chosin Few." He donated and promoted veteran and Marine support organizations. "Semper Fi", Barry.


BArry McLean

February 5, 1932 - December 10, 2017



December 18, 2017  4 - 8 PM
Rose Hills Memorial Park

3888 Workman Mill Rd

Whittier CA 90601

562 699 0921



December 19, 2017  3-4 PM

Sky Rose Chapel



National Shrine Lawn

to follow services


Barrry McLean


"When we were coming down from the Chosin Reservoir, we came down with a whole lot of refugees — I mean thousands, maybe. And it was kind of dark. And there was a family and there was a little girl. I went over to her and I said, 'I want to give you some food.' And she said, 'no.' So I walked away. And a little bit later she walks over to me and she gives me this thing to trade for food. I gave them all I had." — Barry McLean, Marines (Credit: WGBH) 

 Reunion of The Chosin Few in San Diego in August 2016


 AMA Expo


 FAA Registration Reinstated
The requirement that all unmanned RC aircraft weighing over 250 grams has been reinstated by act of Congress. If you registered initially and did not request refund and cancellation, you need take no action. If you did not register, you now must register. One registration covers all your hobby aircraft. Commercially used aircraft must be registered individually. AMA and FAA numbers must be posted on the aircraft. Clubs will not be required to enforce FAA registration.

For more information, go to the AMA website



Happy Holidays!

Lunch was enjoyed by 62 members, significant others and kids. Huge raffle - even Pres Trump would have been impressed. Open bar lightened the spirits.

Pictures to follow.





Passing of Ed Roberts' Wife

We are sad to report that Ed Robert's wife passed away November 26. She was 91 years old and had been ill for some time. We extend our condolences to Ed and his family on her loss.


Memorial service will be held Saturday December 16 at 1PM

Custer Christiansen Mortuary Chapel

124 Citrus Ave

Covina CA

626 331-8231



Classy Way to Display FAA and AMA ID Numbers


RC Parts for Less is selling FAA ID Tags so you can have all of your contact information on your plane. Laser engraved plywood, 3/4" x 2".


1 for $1.00 10 for $7.50 20 for $12.00 For additional quantities, please contact me at

To place an order please go to and click on the FAA ID Tag tab.



Anyone have pictures to share?


The weather could not have been better - sunny with beautiful clouds, little to no wind, few people in the park, not even any geese. Everyone got in lots of flying with some exceptional aircraft. Lunch was great, lots of families and kids. A few boat recoveries but no real devastating crashes. Thanks to all who helped and participated.




Magnum Engines Available Again
And JR Radios


JR radios and lots of other products are available at



Since the closure of Hobby People, modelers have come to appreciate the value and performance of the Magnum line of glow engines. They are well designed, with excellent finish, performance and value. Examples have been selling briskly on sites like RC Groups and Ebay.

Aware of this, longtime Hobby Shack / Hobby People employees John and Mike Greenshields have revived the Magnum engine line for sale. They have all the popular sizes from the hot .15 to the mighty 1.60 flat twin. And they have repair parts. The company goes by the name of Mike Goes Flying, and is located in Victorville. Welcome news for us "glow heads". Check their website HERE



Pop Up Sunshades - Unclear on the Concept





Membership Application / Renewal Form Available On Line
Renew your membership for 2018 the easy way. Click the image below to access the Online Application and Renewal Form. After you submit it we will email you payment options. Don't forget your AMA has to be renewed also. Renew early and avoid the rush!







Email us at SFDRCM@HOTMAIL.COM of you have problems.


 "Monrovia Landing" Shopping Set To Open; Commemorates Monrovia Airport; Mural PreservedMonrovia Airport


Investment and development company Warner Pacific Properties has worked since early last year to update and fill the 98,000-square-foot retail building, called Monrovia Landing. Location is on Huntington Drive between Mountain and Shamrock.


Monrovia Landing is part of a larger retail center, referred to as the Shamrock Center, which includes a 24-Hour Fitness, Yoshinoya and Taco Bell. O’Reilly Auto Parts store and Michaels are in the same larger building.


“It has been incredibly rewarding to bring an old building back to life, and recycle structures instead of demolishing them,” said John Odell, principal and co-founder of Warner Pacific Properties.


The mural on the former Albertsons’ building that pays homage to the Monrovia Airport that once existed across the street from 1928-1953 has been preserved and included in the updated shopping center.






Float Fly will be at the location of our last float fly, just east of our usual Area 5 location. We liked the additional shade, and pilot stations were on more of a point. It is a little farther from the restrooms, and a little closer to the island, but overall the pilots liked it.






Snap Maneuvers add "Snap" to your flying


If you want to achieve a good snap roll, practice is mandatory. The snap roll is an autorotation maneuver in a stalled condition. During a snap, one wing is stalled while the other is accelerated about the roll axis. This creates a sudden roll-rate acceleration that you can’t obtain by simply inputting aileron. To achieve this condition in a model, several inputs must be given, including elevator, rudder and aileron.




The simplest snap is known as the “inside snap.” This maneuver is performed from the upright position and is induced by adding elevator, rudder and aileron. Before you try this maneuver, be prepared for your plane to rotate at least twice as fast as it does during a typical aileron roll. You probably won’t even see your plane perform the maneuver because it happens so quickly. Instead, you will barely have started your control inputs when you’ll immediately have to think about recovery.


Make sure that you have enough altitude to allow mistakes! Now take the airplane to a comfortable altitude at least 100 yards in front of you, parallel to the runway. Enter the aerobatic zone and fly to the center of the box at mid throttle (not full throttle). From level flight, perform an inside left snap by simultaneously applying up-elevator, left rudder and left aileron for 1 to 2 seconds.



Get More Satisfaction from your Flying

Why just fly around doing random (and sloppy) maneuvers? Use your flying time to improve your skills. Click on the link below to access the Senior Pattern Association pattern judging guide. It is a Power Point presentation that details the correct - and incorrect - ways to perform the pattern maneuvers. Give it a try.


Senior Pattern Judging Guide link



 MECOA Buys Assets of Fox Manufacturing and
Macs Products


Both companies fell on hard times with the loss of their founders, and downturn in demand for nitro engines. I understand that MECOA (of Irwindale CA) will not manufacture their products (engines and mufflers / pipes) but may have old stock available.





Float Fly July 8 Report

Fortunately a steady breeze held the heat down at the lake, on what was in many areas a record hot day. Many attendees had come a good distance, and enjoyed a mostly successful day of flying. Unfortunately, early on, Scott Popjes



Meeting Time & Location Information
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Arcadia Red Cross on Methodist Hospital campus
376 W Huntington Dr
Arcadia , CA 91007  map it
7:30 Second Wednesday each month


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